Hi there! So glad you stopped by to take a peak at the website! I'm Liz! I am a Florida girl born and raised and I love photography (and my family, food, and coffee) . To me photography is kind of a thing of magic. It's a way to archive everything from everyday moments, to once in a lifetime moments. Nothing else can take you back to a moment in time like a photograph. Ok maybe a video, a video would definitely have that same effect but you know what i'm saying! 

Let's talk about style, I have none. Just Kidding! I think I do an ok job dressing myself and maintain my hipness without embarrassing my kids. I reserve embarrassing them for other special moments...ahh the joys of parenthood :) But on a more serious note I feel my photography has a vibe of it's own, as each photographer does. I encourage you to take a look around and see if my vibe jives with yours. I capture real moments. The ones maybe nobody else sees, the ones that give your tummy the warm and fuzzies, the ones that make you belly laugh and say "oh my gosh that is so us!" Capturing those moments for my peeps (clients) is what I love to do. The other thing I love to do is have fun! I can promise you we will have fun and enjoy a fair share of chuckles. Connecting with people is my jam! As is anything peanut butter and chocolate in nature. ;) 

What I am not is a turn and burn photographer. What I mean by this is I don't just line people up, pose them, take a picture, and move on. It's not that I think that's bad, it's just not me. My heart goes in to each photo I take and I prefer for things to unfold naturally. The feelings and interactions that occur between couples, and families do so in  an organic lovely dance, my job is to capture them before they drift away. Whoa that was deep! Seriously though, that's where I'm coming from. <3

Do we sound like the perfect match? If so please connect with me and lets do this! Head over to the CONTACT tab and drop me an email.

Hope to meet you soon!